Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cardio doesn't need to be the same boring ol' routine..

Friday & Saturday I managed to get in a cardio session & my SBM workout but not the 'rest of body' exercises.

After two long days (12 & 13 hrs) being a desk jockey I was feeling a lil stodgy & in need of a good 'blowout'

Step ups are 1 of my cardio options, easy & convenient, I wanted to alternate between heights so grabbed my step which is about 30 cms & a dining room chair.

Started out stepping up first with right leg for a count of 10 then switched to left, repeated 3 times each leg on step then did the same on the chair.

Next I added 1/2 kilo ankle weights & went thru the same sets as above, was breathing harder around the last rep of the left leg but found a second wind & thought "Cool, gonna grab some dumbells & go again!"

2 kilo dumbell in each hand & away I go, as you can guess my heart was ticking over & I definitely worked up a sweat but hey, if it feels good ;-)

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